Standard Colour Paint + Hydraulic (Per Pair)


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The calipers are disassembled and a report is carried out to inspect and look for any irregularities. Once passed they have the pots covered to protect whilst being vapour blasted. Blasted, the front half of the caliper is triple sanded for a flat finish (more like a car body panel). Then they are primed, painted, lacquered. Once cured they are reassembled with new fluid seals and bleed nipples. The dust seals are ultrasonically cleaned and reused unless they are ripped or baggy. If new ones are needed it is an extra, but at cost value. This also applies to pistons.  We can produce any decal required. Once complete, the calipers are ceramic coated to help them maintain their appearance and gloss. It also aids durability against road dirt and hot brake dust.  Any metal work (pad pins, springs handbrake brackets etc) is blasted and plated.

Turn around time is usually 10-12 working days – this may vary with work load.

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Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 40 cm

Eight pot, Four pot, Single pot, Six pot, Triple pot, Twin pot, XXL